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  • By Victoria Chasmar of Charmed in Company

    Even though every season has aspects that make it special, Spring is always a delight. The visual beginnings of new growth, forging its way through the cold and harden earth, reminds one of the potential and strength to start anew. Sometimes you may feel out of sync with the abundance that nature provides. How do you recharge when you are stuck in a cubicle most of the day or unable to get in touch with the great outdoors? Create a Personal Oasis Empowerment Bag. Think of it as your own personal oasis. A way to reconnect with what makes you feel most alive when you are not in an optimum environment. Its time to shake off the dregs of winter and start increasing the the positive energies in your life.


    YOU WILL NEED: Charmed in Company's Awaken Oil, Mustard Seed, Selenite gem, and your place of power items i.e. candles, gems, cloth, tie (use the Key to determine).

    Write down your letter for your place of power. Use this letter to determine the power items you will need to make your Oasis bag and the candle shape required. For example if I choose “A” I would write green & brown candles, petrified wood & amber, green cloth & tie. Shape: Rectangle.


    FINDING YOUR PLACE OF POWER: Where do you draw your energy from? Select the location you feel the most energized & alive.

    1. I feel most alive when I am . . .

    A. In the woods/forest,

    B. At the beach,

    C. Open plains,

    D. In the city,

    E. Mountainous regions.



    A. Green & brown candles, petrified wood & amber gems, a green cloth & tie.

    B. Blue candles, chalcedony gem, blue cloth with a black tie

    C. Red and orange candles, garnet & fluorite gems, red cloth with orange tie

    D. White & silver candles, hematite & pyrite gems, white cloth & tie

    E. Green & Yellow candles, agate & silver leaf gems, green cloth with yellow tie



    A  = Rectangle,

    B = 2 Parallel Wavy Lines,

    C = Pyramid,

    D = Circle,

    E = Square.


    CREATE YOUR OASIS BAG: If possible, go to your preferred  location. Place candles in the shape based on your letter choice.  For example “A” rectangle. Anoint candles and wrists with Charmed in Company's Awaken oil.  Make the opening in the center wide enough so you can comfortably stand in the middle. Light candles. Hold the cloth, tie, gems, and seed in your right hand. Cup your left hand over the right hand. If you are in nature, just close your eyes and feel the energies around you. Feel them radiating though you and into the objects in your hands. If you are inside, close your eyes and visualize yourself in your desired location. If you want play music or  burn incense that represents your desired location. Be sure to focus on connecting through each of your senses. Hear the sounds around you, smell the scents in the air, feel the wind or sun against your skin, etc. When you feel as though you have captured the energy into the palms of your hands, open your eyes and assemble your bag. Place the gems and the seed in the center of the cloth and tie it with the cord. Take a little of the Awaken oil and rub it into the bag and tie. Snuff the candles if they have not gone out.  You may reuse the candles and recharge your bag using the same process as needed. Use your bag when you are not able to make a nature connection, are feeling tired, run down, or need to clear your mind. Think of it as a quick personal Oasis where you can recharged an overworked mind, body, or spirit. Use it before and after a stressful or challenging events to reset yourself.

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Copyright Feb 2017 Victoria Chasmar

You may share this article for non commercial purposes as long as you keep it in tact (blog name, my full name,  website and contact information remain on it, and you do not store it on any system)


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