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If gems were looking for the right human match, what would their personals be? Find your match by choosing the personal gem ad that most resonates with you. Discover your gem and ways to work with your new partner.


1 UNIQUE ARTIST searching for beautiful, enlightened, dreamer. Must be able to ride the waves of creativity. Let's search the cosmos for answers and dive into the pool of wisdom together. Self aware responses only.

2 PERFECT PAIRING is like a fine wine, subtle, sweet, robust, and smoky tones dance upon the pallet of life. Lets drink it together and enjoy all it has to offer.

3 LET ME MELT your tension away. No worries here! Looking for that special someone to ignite my flame.

 4 BEAUTIFUL, sensitive, compassionate, romantic soul in search of dreamy soulmate to shower with loving energy. Together we can manifest our hearts desire!

5 GOT STYLE and flash to share. Vibrant & full of life, seeking a mate who shares an optimistic view.

6 LARGE THAN LIFE with excess energy to share! Love social activity, & large gatherings/families. Looking for someone to rock my world.

7 THE SCENT of sea air, earth under my feet, & the call of the wild. Come and experience nature with me.

8. SHINING SOULS can be overlooked,  Lots to offer in a solid, down to earth practical package. Let's work together and bring out what makes us special. 

9. TONS OF FUN, upbeat, playful, and plenty of stamina. Looking for someone who needs to break free of restrictions. Come out and play!

10 TOGETHER WE CAN take on the world, find inner strength & discover the beauty within. Let's build a better future together!

                                            WHO WE ARE :

Find the number of the personal ad you selected to discover the identity of  your gem match.

1 POLYCHROME: This mellow fellow wears soothing pastel shades. Hanging around with him will soothe the spirit and increase creativity. Has an eye for natural beauty. Connects easily with others. Gazing into his unique patterning will aid you in meditation, yet keep your bare feet firmly planted on terra firma.

2 SEPTARIAN: Older and wiser than most other gems, a delight to be around. A sunny personality and upbeat presence will have you smiling and seeing the brighter side of life. Nothing superficial here, looking for a deep soul connection. Solid to the core. Easily weathers emotional storms without dampening its spirit. There is much wisdom it can share.

3 RED OPAL: Can play with fire and not get burned. Has a way of stabilizing hot excitable energy without extinguishing the flame of the spirit. Active and exciting presence will help balance your temper so that you can truly enjoy the time you spend together. Not for the faint of heart.

4 EPIDOT: Walking out of a romance novel, this one can take your breathe away and help you obtain all that you wish for. The cost is your heart, and the ability to truly envision your desires and act upon them. It will support you while you follow your dreams.

5 SUNSTONE: Is that a Greek God/Goddess I see? A hero comes to life, taking on the challenges, conquering the dragon, facing the monsters, rescuing the captive souls and claiming the golden reward and soulmate at the end of the day. Others will naturally gravitate to its natural charm, charisma, and talents.

6 CLEAR QUARTZ – Like a reflection in the water this one can be anything you wish. He will gladly lend you his energy. You will feel like a million bucks! Social, fun loving, and a great listener. Will offer sound advice and dispel many mental cobwebs and tangents.

7 SILVER LEAF: Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you get until you take a bite. Hang out with him and you will not fear what comes next. Enjoy the moment and learn to read the signals that nature provides. What hidden surprises can you discover together? Take a walk with him and enjoy the journey.

8 BRONSITE: You will find him working hard behind the desk, putting all the papers in order and simplifying life, streamlining and filtering all the networks into a usable, enjoyable stream. Often passed over for more flashy gems, this one is truly a prize. You will be able to build together, grow together, and find strength within each others company. Motivation and strength of self is what he will build in you.

9 DALMATION STONE: And we will have fun, fun, fun . . . There is nothing heavy or stressful here. Lighthearted and full of youthful antics. Going out is a visitation back to happy, youthful, times where the world is full of adventure and possibilities. A must date, even if it is only for a little while.

10 APACHE TEAR: What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, is etched in the heart of this gem. Perhaps too deep or intense for some, there is a wealth of strength. Holding it near will help overcome life's challenges and shield you from its stresses. Not the light date, but impactful and profound.


Just like with human counterparts, it is important to spend time with your new gem match. This will help with connecting with its energy. Yes, even gems have auras! You can carry it in a pocket or place it in a small drawstring bag made of natural material. Depending on the size of gem you select you may wear it in a gem spiral, or you can choose a pendant made out of it. If you are working with a tumbled gem, you may wish to create a small gem grid and place your gem match in the center when you are at home.

CARE: After awhile your gem may not feel as when you first chose it. Clearing it is the best course of action. You can use scent (palo santo, sage), take it to our free energy clearing nights, or let the tidal salt water flow of the ocean flow over it. You can also hold it under cold water for about a minute, and then place it in Charmed gem clearing blend overnight. Your new buddy will be ready to go in the morning :-)

VISIT US:  The best find is right in your neighborhood. Discover Charmed in Company LLP. If you are looking to create a natural environment for happiness, love, and peace drop by the shoppe and register for one of our Free classes. Come by the Waretown Plaza shoppe (Charmed in Company, 529 route 9, Waretown, NJ 08758) to enjoy our relaxed shoppe atmosphere and for natural products, unique gifts, classes, and readings. Look for the three neon yellow stars in our windows.

Copyright April 2017 Victoria Chasmar

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