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By Victoria Chasmar

Have a question? Draw out your pendulum and consult your higher mind. It’s simple to use, conveniently portable, and can respond to any question phrased in a “yes” or “no” format.


A pendulum is an object that has enough weight to it to hang from a string, chain, or cord in a straight line. Pendulums can be made in a variety of materials (gemstone, metal, wood, etc.) and come in many different shapes. Although most pendulums come to a point at the end it does not need to have one to work effectively. Pendulums have been used for hundreds of years as a means to answer questions and find items (water, lost objects, treasure). Don’t have a pendulum? Give your household key or a fishing sinker a try, you can always upgrade to a gemstone one later.


Just steady your hand and hold the pendulum over a pendulum chart and think your question. The pendulums movement will indicate your answer. Don’t have a chart? Ask the pendulum to show you its direction for “yes” and then “no”, and then ask your question. A pendulum can be forced to move in a desired direction so practice to determine when you are allowing it to respond and when you are not. This can be done by simply making the pendulum say something is true when it’s not; such as your name is Jennifer when it’s Beverly. Once you sense the difference, the vast body of knowledge contained in the universe is yours to explore, or perhaps, just whether it will rain tomorrow.

Drop by the shoppe and mention you read this article and receive a free pendulum chart. If you would like to find other ways to utilize natural energies visit us. We have classes & tools (gems, oils, candles, etc.) and plenty of pendulums to try out.


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